Whether it be the extraordinary violent crime rate of African Americans, the tendency of Aboriginal parents to neglect their children, or any heinous act perpetrated by a minority, the left will invariably absolve minorities of all guilt, laying all the blame on Whites. Even sanctified victim groups like women are not spared if the woman happens to be White and her raper Muslim, as the mass rape of 1400 English girls and its subsequent cover up so clearly evinced.

I was therefore not surprised to read, in The Daily Life, that White people are at fault for Muslim men marrying underage girls.

Ruby Hamad of the Daily life Writes:

So complete is the othering of Muslims that the west doesn’t perceive that it has the same attitudes to sex, particularly when it comes to women, albeit with different manifestations.

I bolded “same attitudes to sex” because I want you to remember that quote as you read her next paragraph:

I am talking, of course, of the sexual double standard that demonises female sexuality in the western culture.

So she’s blaming Western sexual norms — the “sexual double standard” — for the tendency of Muslim men to marry underage girls. But hold on, a paragraph earlier she said, “[The West] has the same attitude towards sex [as the Muslim world].” How, then, can it be the case that Western sexual norms are at fault for Muslim underage marriage when both the West’s and the Muslim world’s sexual norms are the same, according to Ruby Hamad? Perhaps it lies in her qualification of “different manifestation.” What could that mean?

The negative perception of women’s sexuality that sees women labelled with slurs like “slut,” and blamed for their own rapes, is the same one that leaves Muslim parents so afraid of their daughter becoming sexually active that they seek to marry her off at the earliest opportunity, with little thought given to the ramifications this presents to her future.

So her “different manifestations” are slut shaming and rape acceptance. You can tell that she hasn’t spent much time in the Muslim world, because had she then she’d know that slut shaming and rape acceptance are far more prevalent there than in the West.

In the Muslim world, a women who so much as bears her hair in public is “slut shamed.” The notion that slut shaming in the west is comparable to slut shaming in the Muslim world is therefore laughably absurd. In Egypt, Qatar , Lebanon and Jordan, a husband is legally able to rape his wife. Moreover, in Qatar, a women who reports rape is likely to be herself punished. According to the Asian Human Rights Commission, women in Pakistan are ” treated as a man’s property.”

Thus if slut shaming and rape acceptance are the causes of Muslim underage marriage, then clearly the West has nothing to do with it, as these two “sexual norms” are even more common in the Muslim World than in the West.

Hamad then goes on to blame feminism and sexual liberation for Muslim underage marriage. That strikes me as odd given that she wrote her piece on a feminist website — ahem, a “white” feminist website. It all makes sense now:

Ironically, living in a western society may actually make young Muslim girls more, not less, vulnerable as parents fear the effects of living in a cultural environment where premarital sex is the norm. The more common sex becomes in the wider culture, the more some Muslim parents will feel the need to take action to avert their daughters from partaking in it.

This keeps coming up: feminism or patriarchal Islam? One day you’re going to have to choose, Hamad.

This looks like another case of affirmative action gone wrong.