uni holidays are coming up, so i’m going to have a lot of time on my hands in a few weeks. What i hope to do with my time over the holidays is get an australian alt-right website up and running. It isn’t going to be anything fancy or high-brow. It doesn’t need to be. I figure that tearing apart popular writers and personalities like Clementine Ford, Tim Sout, etc will be quite enough to garner media attention — and that’s what we want, media attention.

So i’m going to need contributions from writers. For an indication of what kind of style and rigor we’re looking for, look to the “daily stormer” and the “right stuff.biz”.

Look forward to working with you all!

P.s. i’m also attempting to mass mail thousands of edgy letters to wealthy homes. Postage is a lot more expansive than i thought, so i’m looking at other possibilities as well. Perhaps distributing the letters myself would be a good idea. I do, however, run the risk of being caught, which would have pretty disastrous consequences.