The trans-racial tipping point

Once again the edgy-sphere has proven itself to be on the cutting edge of the zeitgeist, though like all truly edgy movements, the masses remain unaware of our existence.

Steve Sailer, quite possibly the greatest intellectual of our time and the most respectable spokesman for our corner of the internet, explicitly referenced “trans-racialism” last year, long before it blew up all over twitter. I can recall thinking about trans-racialism even before twitter existed, and I’m sure it crept into your brains as well. Well done, edge-lords, you are at the fore of political and cultural change: now go into your basements and shitpost on the internet about how you were aware of “trans-racialism” before it was a thing, and how all these normalfags on twitter are just sheeple following your refined cultural tastes and political insights.

I joke, of course. We should not retreat to our basements. What we ought to do is jump right into the fray, because this is not just the trans-racial tipping point; it’s also, and more importantly, the tipping point of that movement that has become known as the Alt-Right.


It could not have happened at a more opportune time. Only a few weeks ago Bruce Jenner transitioned from a man to a woman. The respectable and prole media competed among themselves for whom could lavish the most praise on this “courageous woman”; and the masses competed among themselves on social media for whom could shame the most shit-lords.

Gender as a social construct lead to the Bruce Jenner Phenomenon. This idea slowly crept from academia into the mainstream. I saw the first signs of it last year, when Facebook, the most mainstream website in the world, allowed its users to classify their gender as non-binary.

Race, too, is supposedly a social construct, and therefore trans-racialism must be just as legitimate as transgenderism. As such, the left ought to embrace Rachel Doleza, the most prominent trans-racialist to date, who recently came out as black, having transitioned from a white woman to a black woman.

But as Greg Johnson recently pointed out, the far-left don’t believe that race is a social construct. They only say that because they want to deny white people white identity. When it comes to their own identifies, race is very real.

As such, the left did not embrace Racheal Dolezal. Naive blue pills, either in trolling or in earnest, saw this as an opportunity to accuse the left of being bigots, of being “the real racists”.

This is the tipping point for the Alt-Right because the left, in denouncing Racheal Dolezal, is forced to admit that race is something real. Blue pills can go one of two ways: continue in their good goy ways of denouncing leftists as the real racists, or become so disillusioned that they break away from blue-pilled conservatism, drifting, perhaps, towards alt-right ideas.

We ought to seize this opportunity. I am therefore imploring all of you to don your fedoras and bow ties and to proceed to your nearest comment section.

The left will try to wriggle out of it by saying that the two cases, transgenderism and trans-racialism, are not analogous because being black comes with a whole lot of “oppression baggage” that a trans-racialist black isn’t exposed to. This is easily refuted by pointing out that it’s exactly the same for transgenderism, for women are oppressed relative to men.

The left might also argue that, while a white can pass as black, a black can’t pass as white. This, too, is nonsense because one’s ability to pass is irrelevant. All that matters is how the trans-racialist feels. Furthermore, one could argue that transgendered people can’t pass. Bruce Jenner looks nothing like that Vanity Fair cover photo. In real life, he actually looks like a degenerate male, as almost all transgendered people do.

Shit-tier argumentation

The above argument is what you should expect. As previously pointed out, it’s nonsensical. To say that “oppression” makes transgenderism and trans-racialism non-analogous is something so dumb that only an affirmative-action black could say it. If one were to change each instance of “black” with “woman” and each instance of “white” with “man”, then that above paragraph would still make sense in the context of the war on women. How, then, are these two cases non-analogous?


Nakkiah Lui is a professional Aboriginal who wants you all to know that trans-racialism isn’t going to happen. As someone who profits from being a mediocre individual who happens to have fraction of aboriginal ancestry, she feels threatened by more competent women than herself, women like Racheal Dolezal, transitioning into aborigines and cornering her market.

Among the more intelligent leftists, people who comment at, say, gawker, a much more philosophical and interesting discussion is taking place. Leftists are actually thinking really hard about this, as they ought to.


After these two shit-tier arguments, there really isn’t much more the left can throw at you. When pushed this far, a leftist will probably say that race is “realer” than gender, and therefore something that cannot be changed. At this point, the façade of “race is a social construct” is torn down, and torrents of “liberals are the real racists” will fly. Now it’s up to you to convince the blue pills that race really is “real”.